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Restorative Mushrooms

Organic Lion's Mane Double Extract (2 oz)

Organic Lion's Mane Double Extract (2 oz)

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Elevate your overall wellness with our potent Lion's Mane Double Extract! To ensure a premium product we cultivate all of our own mushrooms with care, and craft all of our products in house in small-batches. We take pride in our 100% mushroom fruit body tinctures, we never add any fillers and our concentrated formula will produce results you actually notice!

Lion's Mane (Hericium) is a revered healing mushroom for it's ability to boost brain health and prevent memory loss. This powerful mushrooms is used for:

  • The Smart Mushroom: A known cognitive enhancer, Lion's Mane contains compounds that improve brain health and function due to it's ability to repair nerve damage, offering a path to clearer thinking and focus and reducing symptoms of brain fog.
  • Supports Brain-Gut Axis: support your immune system by promoting better gut health. Lion's Mane stimulates the intestinal immune system to regulate gut bacteria. 
  • Heart Health: This supplement supports heart health, making it a great addition to your wellness routine. Lion's Mane prevents oxidation of cholesterol in the bloodstream, decreasing the risk of heart attack and stroke.
  • Anti-Inflammatory: Lion's mane has shown in several studies to reduce markers of inflammation and oxidative stress
Prioritize your well-being by incorporating Restorative Mushrooms' Organic Lion's Mane Double Extract into your daily routine! For best results, consume daily. 

Our Certifications

Our Extract Process

Our process is developed with a commitment to quality. Our hot water extract uses purified water and fresh reishi fruit bodies, maintaining a consistently low temperature over 48 hours then reduced by half to increase concentration. Our alcohol extract uses certified organic 190 proof grape alcohol and dried reishi fruit bodies.

To ensure a highly concentrated, therapeutic product our extract is crafted in small batches by hand using as much material as possible while remaining fully submerged. Each extraction process uses new reishi material to ensure potency. We produce all of the mushrooms used in our extracts in Eugene, Oregon, and ensure best practices in our cultivation process by using high quality substrates consisting of organic rye, pure oak sawdust with no added oils, organic grain hulls, and purified water.

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